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A Firefox add-on for testing Google Analytics tracking code

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About Google Analytics Debugger

Google Analytics Debugger tracks page views, events, e-commerce transactions, custom variables, social interactions and AdWord campaigns, exposing data to developers and allowing them to debug Google Analytics tracking code live on their websites.

Google Analytics Debugger is compatible with Firefox 3.5 and later. If you have any problems or want to report any issues you can find me on twitter.


If you're using Firefox, the Google Analytics Debugger add-on should download and install directly from this web page. To start the installation process, click Install now button. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to install this plugin directly from my website.

Once installation is complete you will need to restart firefox to activate the extension.

Getting started

To enable Google Analytics Debugger, navigate to the GA Debugger option in the Firefox Tools menu and select Show. This will reveal the debugging console and its options. To hide Google Analytics Debugger uncheck the Show option. You can also add Google Analytics Debugger directly to your navigation bar using the Toolbars > Customize... option in the Firefox View menu.

A quick tour of the console

The Google Analytics Debugger console is split into three columns; the debugging controls, the tracker account list and the tracker data view.

The tracker account list shows every Google Analytics account that has logged tracking data along with the website domains, session requests and Google Analytics tracking code version in use. This list is automatically populated as Google Analytics Debugger intercepts tracking requests from each open tab.

The tracker data view shows every analytics action logged by the account selected in the tracker account list. Where possible, Google Analytics Debugger will attempt to group data by page view, with each having an unread flag allowing you to see if additional actions have been logged since you last checked. Selecting an item in the data view will remove the page views unread flag.

Capturing data

In its initial state Google Analytics Debugger does not capture data. To capture tracking data you must click the Capture button. Once clicked, the button caption will change to Capturing and Google Analytics Debugger will monitor HTTP traffic across all tabs looking for tracking requests. To stop capturing data click the Capturing button again.

Managing data

Analytics data can build up quickly. To clear the current trackers data you can click the Clear button. If you would like to completely remove the current tracker, click the Delete button. Clicking Delete All will remove all trackers and their data from the console.